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Ants are quite an invasive form of pests. Because they are tiny and hard to spot, they can settle in almost anywhere. That place can be your very garden for example. At that point, you must tread carefully around tree stumps, fences, and even the ground itself, as upsetting an ant colony should be definitely avoided. Once they feel threatened, they start biting furiously. The problems do not stop there though, as ant queens regularly send out scouts to look for food, even inside your home. If you spot even a single ant in your home or office, do not hesitate for a moment to contact us for expert ant pest control services!

You might think that stomping on ants that are inside your home or spraying them with regular insecticide will do the trick, but it’s actually more complicated than that. Those isolated ants leave trails for potentially hundreds more to follow to a food source, and until the hive is removed, this pattern of movement will keep happening. Tidying up and keeping your kitchen counters clean is of course encouraged, but ants can be attracted by food in mere minutes.

This is why we recommend a Splat ongoing treatment plan, be it monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly. In fact, we’re so confident of our services, that they’re 100% guaranteed. That’s right, if you notice any sort of ant creeping around your house outside of your planned procedures, one of our best exterminators for ants will come to SPOT treat your home free of charge!

Call us at (480) 525-9594, and book an appointment right now!

This time of year roaches tend to come inside and the final straw was when I found one in my kitchen drawer. So gross… Called Splat and the tech came over and took care of the removal and did a full treatment. It’s been 2 weeks and I haven’t seen a single bug since he came!! Done and Done! Much appreciated!! Perfect business name BTW.

— Karl Freund

These guys are awesome! I have 2 young kids and scorpions and black widows have always been an issue around our property until we started using them. We haven’t seen any scorpions or spiders since they started coming and I feel a lot more comfortable letting the girls play outside now. I would highly recommend them!!

— Jill Baumes

Effective Ant Exterminators

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As a family run business, we understand that affordability is a must. Not only do we offer our services for reasonable prices, but our methods are also 100% eco friendly. Your spouse and children are completely safe inside the treated perimeter, the moment that the procedure is finished. Moreover, we use pet safe ant killers as well, so your fluffy companions have nothing to fear either!

An especially dangerous type of pest are these little red buggers. Fire ant control is imperative, as not only is their bite painful, but it can trigger allergic reactions that can be deadly. So don’t risk your mental comfort, and especially your health, request a free quote from us as soon as possible!

Dependable Ant Pest Control

carpenter ant pest control in arizona

All of us at Splat have had experiences with other exterminators in the past. Consequently, we’re sick and tired of empty marketing as well! Here, we do our job, and we do it right. Once our specialist leaves the premises, you can be sure that the treatment has been done well. Honesty and integrity is the motto for us!

Carpenter ant control is another one of our pest removing offers. These ants are the most common species that invade homes in Mesa. Aside from the headaches associated with regular ants, these ones also tunnel and burrow into wooden structures, thereafter making nests. Fear not however, as our methods will rid you of such bothers effectively and efficiently.

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Splat Pest Control

We’re dedicated to creating a thriving, happy community through our eco-friendly pest exterminator methods. Our specialists have over 35 years of combined experience in ant pest control, as well as in dealing with scorpions, spiders, termites, and really any sort of creepy crawly you might encounter in your home. Give us a call or text us, and your unwanted guests will be gone before long!