Guaranteed Pest Control Services

The desert environment makes Phoenix area communities particularly vulnerable to pests. Fret not though, for our cockroach control and prevention team is here to help you reclaim your property. We have the expertise and tools to deliver effective pest control services and remove any cockroach infestation. In fact, depending on the type of problem you have, we’ll customize your treatment so that we eliminate the very source of infestation.

There are several common species of cockroaches in the Phoenix area. Each of them requires different treatment methods and poses specific challenges. Splat Pest Control is your go-to provider of cockroach and pest control solutions in Arizona. Our methods are 100% family-friendly, so you don’t have to worry about harsh chemicals being used around your family.

Give us a call or text us at (480) 525-9594 and let us help fix your cockroach problem. We’re intent on helping our community thrive with our Valley-Wide cockroach and pest control service!

Cockroach and Pest Control Solutions

With over 35 years of combined experience in cockroach control and pest prevention, our certified technicians can easily identify the type of crawly squatting on your property. This information is essential to deliver an effective treatment. Based on the type of cockroach you’re dealing with, we’ll identify their nesting sites and apply a specific treatment method.

We know that there are few things as disturbing as noticing a cockroach around your house. As a family-operated business, we at Splat Pest Control are committed to making life better for our community. This is why we make sure to offer excellent customer service and never charge you for unnecessary procedures.

Commercial and Residential Cockroach Removal in Arizona

We service both commercial buildings and residential properties in the Phoenix Metro Area. Once we’ve identified the nature and the source of the problem, we’ll agree on an intervention plan tailored to your needs. This usually includes monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly interventions for treatment and prevention.

To keep you safe at all times, all our cockroach and pest control services are 100% guaranteed. As such, if you happen to spot a cockroach crawling around your house in between our appointments, just give us a call at (480) 525-9594 and one of our experts will be on their way to
SPOT treat your home free of charge . Moreover, our experienced technicians will gladly share with you tips and instructions on keeping your house pest-free in the long-term.

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Splat Pest Control

We’re proud to serve our community by providing quality pest control solutions. In our 35+ years of dealing with various crawling or flying annoyances, we’ve seen companies trying to pull off dishonest practices. At Splat, we’re adamantly opposed to such things. If you have a cockroach problem or any kind of pest infestation, let us know as soon as possible and we’ll be on our way to solve it for good.