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If you or someone you love suffer from arachnophobia, or fear or spiders, spotting one, two…or a dozen spiders crawling around your house can be a real source of anxiety. To restore your peace of mind, the best course of action is to call a spider exterminator to take care of the problem. Our spider control solutions use 100% environmentally-responsible substances to rid your property of common house spiders.

We’ll inspect all the habitats commonly preferred by spiders (e.g. eaves, corners) and make sure to treat each and every pest hot spot. Your children, pets, and entire family are safe to be on the premises even right after our pest control interventions.

Our team at Splat Pest Control works hard to maintain its reputation as the best spider exterminator service provider in Arizona. Whether we talk about residential properties or commercial buildings, our spider control solutions are tailored to your specific needs. As a family-owned business with deep roots here in Arizona, we make it our responsibility to service our community as best we can.

Give us a call or text us at (480) 525-9594 and let us know if you have a spider problem. We’re happy to restore your well-being and peace of mind with our professional pest control services.

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Spider Control Solutions in Arizona

spider control in arizona

Arizona is home to various species of spiders, most of which are non-venomous. Some of them, however, are highly venomous and their bite can cause severe reactions (e.g. the Black Widow and the Brown Recluse Spider).

Spiders can sneak into your home through the most unexpected locations, such as loose window panes or doors. A simple problem can quickly become an outright spider infestation if left unattended. We strongly advise you to call us at (480) 525-9594 as soon as you suspect the issue may be getting out of hand.

Our certified spider control technicians will gladly schedule an appointment and provide you with educational information to prevent further infestation. 

Guaranteed Spider Exterminator Service

spider exterminator az

We at Splat Pest Control hold our work to the highest standards of quality and customer service. We don’t just offer spider exterminator services; we treat your home with the same consideration and commitment as if it were our own. For your continued peace of mind, all our work is guaranteed. So if you happen to spot any pests coming back around your property outside your regular visits, one of our technicians will be on his way to SPOT treat your home free of charge .

To prevent further infestation and keep you safe from pests in the long term, we take it upon us to also educate our clients on pest prevention methods. Our spider and pest control solutions are priced with family budgets in mind. Moreover, we never provide unnecessary services that charge your bill without providing any value. Splat Pest Control helps your family get back to enjoying your home.

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Splat Pest Control

Our team of specialists can effectively treat your property from any pest infestation, from scorpions and cockroaches, to bees, termites and centipedes. You don’t have to suffer from anxiety if you’re arachnophobic either.

Simply reach out to us with any inquiries you might have about spiders, and we’ll be on our way! Moreover, our methods are eco-friendly, so you, your family, your children, and even your pets are completely safe. We’re happy to be of service to our community.