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A termite infestation can result in very costly damage to your property. We at Splat Pest Control know that termite and pest control in Arizona are essential services for the community’s well-being. If you suspect that your house has already been invaded by termites, it’s imperative that you contact our pest control company as soon as possible.

Termite treatment in Arizona for ground termites (those that live underground) is usually more invasive. It will require a careful inspection of your house, including its structure (e.g. whether or not it has a basement). As a family-owned company, we value the peace of mind that comes from knowing you and your loved ones are safe inside your house. This is why our services are 100% eco-friendly.

Give us a call or text us at (480) 525-9594 and tell us your problem. We’re happy to help our community with pest control services and termite treatment in the greater Phoenix Valley, Arizona.

I switched to this company, they have been great, professional, & on time, took care of the problem, would recommend highly.

— Susan Wright

Had a great experience with Splat pest control, highly recommend them.
Thanks team Splat!

— Darius

100% Eco-Friendly Termite & Pest Control

termite and pest control in arizona

All the products we use during our interventions both inside and outside your property, are completely safe. Whether you need termite treatment in Arizona or you’d like to avoid swarmers from taking over your house or workplace, Splat Pest Control is your go-to solution provider.

Our family-centric model puts your loved ones’ safety and convenience first. Not only do we make sure that our interventions leave no toxic residues that might harm your kids or your pets, but our services are priced so that every household can afford to live pest-free.

Commercial and Residential Termite Treatment in Arizona

termite treatment in arizona

Keeping our community clean is what we do best. With over 35 years of combined experience, our team knows how to deliver effective pest prevention and termite treatment in Arizona.

We’re so confident in our method that all our services are guaranteed. Should you spot any pests crawling or swarming around your house at any point in between our interventions, you’ll get free SPOT treatment delivered by one of our certified technicians.

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We’re happy to be of service whenever you need our professional help. We understand that pests, no matter their shapes and sizes, are very bothersome. They can trouble your family, your children, and even your pets. Just give us a call or text us to book a termite treatment in Arizona. Our experts are eager to share useful tips and information on prevention and pest control.